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Glory have been pushing the promotion of Murthel Groenhart fairly hard ahead of his fight with Davit Kiria at Glory 10 Los Angeles.  In just the last few days, we have had a feature piece and an interview about music.

First up, Groenhart talks about his opponent at Glory 10, Davit Kiria:

I saw him against Giorgio Petrosyan, Shemsi Beqiri and Yuri Bessmertny,” Groenhart says of his Georgian opponent. “To be honest I wasn’t that impressed. He seems like a tough guy, but as long as my preparation is very good then I won’t lose

It seems that the loss to Robin Van Roosmalen is on his mind (or Glory is sowing the seeds for a rematch further down the line):

Ah, I think it was just a case of ‘every dog has his day,’” Groenhart says when asked for his opinion on how the fight went. Despite being dropped by a trademark hook in the first round, Groenhart thinks he wasn’t far from scoring a finish of his own either.

“I had already opened him up and cut him in the first round, I had my distance worked out, so for me I think it was only a matter of time. But then I got greedy. I came with a left knee and my hands were down. He timed that knee, he threw a left hook and caught me with it,” he explains.

“It was a really good punch. After that I didn’t really recover, in the second and third round I was on autopilot. In the last round I remember I caught him with a kick to the head and then he was staggering a little but I just didn’t have the power to finish it off.

Lastly, Groenhart talks about his approach to fighting and towards his opponents:

I have been like this from the first day. My attitude is like, ‘I don’t need any new friends.’ After the fight we can talk and whatever, before the fight you are my enemy. I cannot talk to you nicely before the fight.

“All these months of training, all the pain I have been through in training, all the pain in life on the way there, all the times training was so hard that I wanted to quit – if I am nice to you before the fight, all that feeling is gone.

“I don’t want that. I want you to feel my pain when we fight.

Check out the interview here.

Allow me to put on my tinfoil hat here for a minute, but it seems to me that perhaps Glory would like to see Groenhart win at Glory 10 so that we can see Groenhart vs Van Roosmalen 2 and possibly a Petrosyan vs Groenhart final.


Well, Groenhart is fantastic to watch when he is on the attack.  He has won 8 of his last 9 fights, all by either KO or TKO.  That’s the kind of fighter Glory will want to make an impact on their US shows.

Check out this clip of Groenhart knocking out  Yushuhiro Kido to see how exciting Groenhart can be (skip to 2:40 mark for the magic).