Floyd MayweatherWhat a wonderful day of fighting yesterday was.  Starting first thing in the morning (Sunday morning New Zealand time) with the K-1 World MAX 2013 Final 16 and ending with Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez at dinner time, we got to see everything from heated brawls to technical duels and some stunning stoppages.

The day (or Saturday night for all you other guys) belonged to Floyd Mayweather of course.  There is simply nothing and nobody else in combat sports who creates the level of buzz that Mayweather does.

The fight itself was good, Mayweather put on a clinic against the capable and talented Canelo.  So too was the co-main event, a matchup between Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse.  But some of the action on the K-1 Final 16 card was great yesterday and yet hardly anyone outside of hardcore kickboxing fandom would know.

Kickboxing could take a few leaves out of boxing and Mayweather’s book in promotion.

Promotions like Glory, K-1 and SuperKombat who have the funds of course, should put more work into building up the big fights with rivalries, either real or imagined, because it’s something that both the casual and hardcore fan can’t help but get invested in.

There needs to be more time for the fight and drama to unfold in kickboxing.  The 3 round format works well enough for one night tournaments, but it’s too short for one off fights.  Extending the number of rounds in a standard fight from 3 rounds to at least 5 rounds and title fights to 7 rounds would be a step in the right direction.