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The following screen shot has been on forums in the last couple of days:

K-1 Final 8

It appears to be the draw for the as yet unannounced K-1 World MAX Final 8 Grand Prix.  Now until this draw is confirmed by K-1, we should take it with a grain of salt, but I’m gonna go ahead and make assumptions off it anyway.

That a draw like this is floating about would tend to indicate that plans for the K-1 World MAX Final 8 Grand Prix may not be too far off being announced, which would hopefully mean the event will go down this year

No surprise that Buakaw Banchamek and Andy Souwer are in different brackets.  They are the two stars of this tournament so you may as well set them up for a potential Buakaw vs Souwer final.  Souwer is 2-1 over Banchamek and while both guys have coped a bit of criticism of late for losing some form, I think it’s still a great matchup (assuming they make it to the finals).

Bonus Round Kickboxing will keep you posted on any updates on the K-1 World MAX Final 8 Grand Prix.