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Joe Schilling is the Glory Middleweight Champion after winning the Glory World Middleweight Championship tournament at Glory 10 in Los Angeles tonight.

Schilling had to defeat two opponents, Kengo Shimizu and Artem Levin, in order to win the title.  Schilling put on a three round clinic against Shimizu, comfortably cruising to a unanimous decision.  However, in the finals, Schilling had a real fight on his hands against number 1 ranked middleweight Artem Levin.

Despite knocking down Levin with a superman punch in the second round, the fight was ruled to be a majority draw at the end of the third round, forcing an extra round.  It seemed that Levin was going to do enough to earn a decision win until Schilling knocked Levin down again.  That knock down effectively won the extra round and the fight for Schilling.

Full results below:

  • Joe Schilling defeated Artem Levin by unanimous decision after extension round
  • Robin van Roosmalen defeated Shemsi Beqiri by unanimous decision
  • Davit Kiria defeated Murthel Groenhart by unanimous decision
  • Wayne Barrett defeated Rob Plotkin by TKO in round one.
  • Joe Schilling defeated Kengo Shimizu by unanimous decision
  • Artem Levin defeated Jason Wilnis by unanimous decision
  • Brian Collette defeated Randy Blake by unanimous decision
  • Ky Hollenbeck defeated Albert Kraus by unanimous decision
  • Hinata Watanabe defeated Johann Fauveau by TKO in the third round.