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poster-largeSuperKombat World Grand Prix Series Botosani went down earlier today in Romania.

The card featured a four man heavyweight tournament, part of the World Grand Prix series, to choose another finalist for SuperKombat’s WGP later in the year.

Full results below:

  • WGP tournament final – D’Angelo Marshall defeated Giannis Stoforidis by TKO in round three due to cut on Stoforidis’ right eye.
    This fight started off quietly before turning into a war.  In round two, Marshall was all over Stoforidis, yet Stoforidis managed to drop Marshall twice to take the round.  The third round saw both fighters battling back and forth to take the last round.  Unfortunately for Stoforidis, the cut on his right eye ended a round that could have gone either way.
  • Heavyweight – Benjamin Adegbuyi defeated Reamon Welboren by unanimous decision.
    Not a bad fight, but not particularly interesting either.  A decent performance by Adegbuyi.
  • Featherweight – Ionut Atodiresei defeated Palmeri Calogero by unanimous decision.
  • Super cruiserweight – Andrei Stoica defeated Dzenan Poturak by KO at 0:52 of round two.
    A great performance by Andrei Stoica, knocking Poutrak down four times before Poutrak’s corner-man stepped in to end the fight on the last knockdown.  Please put Stoica on a Glory card soon.
  • Cruiserweight – Dănuţ Hurduc defeated Vannie Fae by TKO round 1.
    Hurduc absolutely destroyed Fae.
  • WGP tournament semifinal B – D’Angelo Marshall defeated Gaetan Sautron by unanimous decision after an extension round.
    A sloppy fight where both fighters gassed early.  However, it was still fun as they both took turns going after each other.  Both fighters were moving through treacle by the end of the third so it seemed almost cruel that the judges called the fight a draw by the end of the third and forced the fighters into a fourth round.
    Both fighters had their moments in the fourth, with Sautron scoring the first knockdown.  But Marshall answered by scoring a standing count and a knockdown.
  • WGP tournament semifinal A – Giannis Storforidis defeated Leroy Johnson by TKO at 2:30 of round two.
    Storforidis smashed Johnson around the ring until the ref had seen enough.
  • Super cruiserweight – Crisitan Ristea defeated Romelleo Da Silva by unanimous decision.
    Exciting actigon between Cristian Ristea Romelloe Da Silva.  There was brawling, clinching, jumping knees, it had a bit of everything for everybody.  The third round had some great back and forward action between the two fighters.  In the end Ristea had done enough, particularly in the first two rounds, to take the decision win over Da Silva.
    As far as I can tell Ristea hasn’t fought Andrei Stoica, so that would be a great fight for SuperKombat to make next for these guys.

Sooner or later, there seems to be a problem with the ring in SuperKombat.  Today’s problem seemed to the be the advertising sign boards set up on the ring apron.  Fighters backed up against the ropes were stepping on them, knocking them over and sliding on them etc.  It’s lucky that nobody was hurt as a result.