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There was a K-1 World Tour event that took place in Manchester, England on the 21st September.

I assume it was a 70kg tournament, but I really don’t know as there is not much information immediately available on the K-1 website.  If it is a 70kg tournament, then the timing is odd since in theory the Final 8 for this years K-1 World MAX tournament has already been decided.

Perhaps it is K-1 licensing out their brand for a regional event to collect a fee, find some more talent and keep the K-1 brand going at grass roots level, killing several birds with one stone.  I really don’t know.

Anyhow, results below:


Tournament: Marcus Powell (Team Red Dragonz) def. Marc Evans (Russ Williams) via TKO in R2

Tournament: Kristoffer Addis (Kao Loi) def. Adrian Wedowlowski via decision

Tournament: Kerrith Bhella (Firewalker) def. Martin Goink (KO Gym) via TKO in R1.

Tournament: Mohammed Javid (Calder Thai) def. Seb Long (2 Technical) via decision.

Semi-finals: Kristoffer Addis (Kao Loi) def. Marcus Powell (Team Red Dragonz) via TKO

Semi-finals: Kerrith Bhella (Firewalker) def. Mohammed Javid (Calder Thai) via decision

Finals: Kerrith Bhella (Firewalker) def. Kristoffer Addis (Kao Loi) via decision in an Extra Round.