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MAX Muay Thai’s upcoming event MAX 4 SENDAI takes place on the 6th October at Xebio Arena, Sendai, Japan.

The main event of this card is a matchup between two former two time K-1 World MAX champions, Buakaw Banchamek (210-21-12) and Yoshihiro Sato (53-20).  This will be the fourth time the two veterans will have faced each other, with the balance of wins in Buakaw’s favour at 2-1.

Both Buakaw and Sato have had their form criticised in the last couple of years, but Buakaw was in devastating form in the recent K-1 World MAX Final 16 card, while Sato is currently on a four fight win streak.  So please excuse me when I say fuck the haters, this is a great match-up.

There is also a four man tournament as well!

The MAX Muay Thai cards have looked great so far so this event will be well worth checking out.


This event airs live on Thai TV Channel 7 at 3:30 PM (GMT +9) and can (hopefully) be seen here:


To work out the start time in your country, find out your GMT time zone and calculate off that.  For example, in NZ, we are GMT +13, four hours ahead of GMT +9, so start time will be 7:30 pm. That gives us enough time to eat dinner, have some pudding and relax for a bit.