Mark_Hunt_K1International Kickboxer Magazine has a “20 Questions” interview with Mark Hunt on their site.

True story:  Fuck-all people in New Zealand know who Mark Hunt is.  Hunt’s profile has gone up a notch from “almost non-existent” to “passing mention when UFC event is coming up”, but he’s still an almost unknown entity to the wider Kiwi public. It’s fucking wrong, but it is what it is.

If you have seen Hunt being interviewed recently in the UFC, you’ll have seen that Hunt is economical with his words to say the least.  That’s as Kiwi as pavlova with cream and kiwifruit.  The interview below is no different.  Don’t blink:

What would you be doing if you weren’t a fighter?

[Laughs] I don’t know, probably in jail.

Do you have any superstitions when fighting?


What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done during a promotion/fight?

There has been so many that I can’t remember!

What is a surprising fact about you?

I like playing video games — first person shooters, strategy games. I like all of them.

How would someone close to you describe you?

Very determined.

What is one thing you are good at (apart from fighting)?

I’m good at everything, apart from mathematics.

Favourite fighter?

Me, of course.

Favourite food?

Everything, I like eating everything.

Favourite drink?

Anything, I like to drink everything — water’s probably the best drink.

Favourite tunes?

I’ll listen to anything.

Favourite TV show?

I have a few. What I’ve been watching a lot of lately is Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. Sons of Anarchy is pretty cool, too.

Favourite movie?

I have a couple, but Scarface is probably my favourite though.

Dream girl?

My wife.

Dream wheels?

The car I’m driving right now is my dream car — it’s a Mitsubishi mirage.

Dream bout?

Anything. Any fight will do me fine.

What can’t you stand?

Arrogant people.

Best fight memory?

Mate, there’s been a lot of good memories I have from fighting, so it’s hard to pick out my best.

Biggest/best break you ever got?

Probably the first contract I got after winning the K-1 World Title.

In 10 years I’ll be…

Probably be sitting on a beach somewhere drinking pina coladas.

What piece of advice would you give to an up and coming fighter?

Surround yourself with a good management team.