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Jack Slack is a writer who specialises in combat sport striking technique analysis.  While writing about striking in MMA is Jack Slack’s bread and butter , he has written a lot about kickboxing and boxing technique as well.

Jack Slack also puts together videos from time to time to illustrate techniques, like the one above of Artem Levin at Glory 10.

If you haven’t read Jack Slack’s fantastic work, then please check out his current work at bleacherreport.com.  I also highly recommend checking out his previous work at bloodyelbow.com.  Please also check out his own website www.fightsgoneby.com, his youtube account and his twitter account as well.  You’ll be well pleased you did.

Here is some more footage of Artem Levin.  Note the left hook to the body at the 0:46 mark that Jack Slack highlighted in his own technique video.