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Badr Hari

The public prosecution service in the Netherlands, the Openbaar Ministerie (OM), has confirmed that Badr Hari must defend himself against seven charges, the most serious being attempted homicide, in the court of Amsterdam district on Thursday.

The attempted homicide charge stems from an altercation between Badr Hari and Koen Everink at a Dutch dance party in 2012.  Koen Everink suffered extensive injuries as a result.  Hari admitted to being involved in an assault on Everink, but claimed that he was not the only party involved and was not responsible for the servre injures caused to Everink.

The other charges include:

  • Intentional serious bodily injury to Koen Everink.
  • Assault charges at four different nightclubs in 2011-12.
  • An attack on an ex-girlfriend and destruction of her property in 2011
  • An intentional crash at the Albert Cyup Market.

That’s about as accurate a picture as I can put together of Badr Hari’s legal issues through the power of google translate.  It’s hard to figure out what is going on when google translate brings such nonsense as “Seven indictments gets spicy gentleman on his pants as evidenced by the final indictment.”  Yeah, exactly.

Bonus Round Kickboxing will keep you updated on how Badr Hari’s legal issues progress.