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MAX Muay Thai event MAX 4 SENDAI took place last night at Xebio Arena in Sendai, Japan.

The event featured a high profile bout between two former K-1 MAX champions, Buakaw Banchamek and Yoshihiro Sato, as well as a four man tournament at 67kg.

Buakaw Banchamek and Yoshihiro Sato faced each other for the fourth time.  The forum nerds are probably spamming the usual “Buakaw/Sato is past their prime” stuff again, but these guys actually put on a decent fight.  Sato seemed a little unprepared for Buakaw’s sweeps and trips etc and didn’t seem to adjust until it was too late.

I hate to be stuck record on this (or for those who weren’t born in the 80’s, an mp3 file on repeat), but three rounds is not enough.  Buakaw and Sato were heating up in the third round and would have been good for another two rounds at least.  This is like having an appetiser, taking a few bites out of the main course, then quitting the meal.

Full results below:

  • HIROYA defated Sapanpetch Sit-Itisukato by unanimous decision.
  • Max 4-Man Tournament Semi-Final:  Jingreedtong Jitmuangnont defeated Alessandro Campagna by unanimous decision.
  • Max 4-Man Tournament Semi-Final:  Dylan Salvador defeated Yuya Yamato by unanimous decision.
  • Women’s Muay Thai:  Mina defeated Purahong Sitjardeang by unanimous decision.
  • Eakpracha Meenayothin defeated Tomoaki Makino by unanimous decison.
  • Buakaw Banchamek defeated Yoshihiro Sato by unanimous decision.
  • Max 4-Man Tournament Final:  Jingreedtong Jitmuangnont defeated Dylan Salvador by unanimous decision.