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Badr Hari made his appearance in court yesterday to face charges of attempted homicide and other charges including assault.

Doing my best to make sense of the gibberish that comes through google translate, it appears the attempted homicide charge may be put to one side for the time being.  The victim, Koen Everink is claiming that due to health reasons, he will be unavailable for cross examination.  The prosecution wants to have Everink appear and read a statement, while Hari’s lawyer is pushing to have Everink not appear at all if cross examination won’t take place.

There is also a problem where the case file on Hari’s attempted homicide charge was leaked to the press.  The leak is currently being investigated and this will case a delay in the hearings over the attempted homicide as well.

In other news of note in the court case, it appears that Badr Hari will not take the stand during the trial, meaning that he cannot be cross examined.  This could mean more or less than it appears on the surface, but there are various reasons why a defendant may choose not to speak at their trial.