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Gokhan Saki has been stirring things up leading up to tomorrow’s Glory heavyweight championship tournament at Glory 11 Chicago, firing the first shots in the war of words.

Saki started with some criticism of Daniel Ghita:

It was good to fight Ghita in Turkey.  Either you’re a fighter or you’re not a fighter, and he’s not a good fighter. When you lose, you lose. You say “I’ll do better next time’. But he is [unable to] say that.

He still talks bulls–t but he will never forget those punches from Turkey.  It’s [mentally] too soon for him to fight against Saki again, you know?

Saki also had some words for Rico Verhoeven as well:

Rico is not a talented fighter, you know? He’s a hard worker, but nothing special. He’s like 21, but I’ve never seen him knock anybody out. I’m better with everything, I’m more complete, and he knows that. I’m the most dangerous fighter [in the division].

I know that’s hard for him to hear but it’s the truth. He’s not a talented fighter, he is just a hard worker. I am only saying the truth. The only reason he is in the tournament is because Peter Aerts and Jerome Le Banner aren’t fighting.  He should just be happy to be in the tournament. Its good to be self-confident but his winning streak ends on Saturday. I’m going to kick his f–king ass. I’m going to show America what real fighting is all about.

Daniel Ghita was not impressed with Saki’s comments and had this to say:

Saki, after this gala in Chicago you’re going to be depressed.

Rico Verhoeven was similarly unimpressed with Saki’s opinions:

Talk is cheap. Whatever he says doesn’t affect me. I think I have beat some good guys so, what is he saying, that these guys are not good either? That everyone below him is not good? I think it’s a pretty stupid thing to say.

Saki is the favorite for the tournament? It doesn’t matter to me. If everyone is happy with Saki let them be happy with Saki – until I f–king smash him this Saturday.

I think it’s great that Saki is bringing a bit of heat to the proceedings.  We have some great fights lined up in the heavyweight card tomorrow, so a little spice just makes it that much better.  Of course it also means someone will be eating crow tomorrow night…