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Amir KOAmir Zeyada was sent flying to the mat unconscious by a left hook from Bogdan Stoica

Amir Zeyada was billed as a tough opponent for Bogdan Stoica in the lead up to today’s SuperKombat event in Giurgiu.  Zeyada was the man who had twice stopped current Glory light-heavyweight champion Tyrone Spong so this would be a stiff test for Stoica right?

Zeyada did his best to take the fight to Bogdan Stoica, but it was clear that he wasn’t on par with the Romanian kickboxing star.  Despite pushing Stoica around the ring and into the ropes at times, Zeyada struggled to land much of anything on Stoica.

In the dying seconds of round one, Stoica threw a jumping knee that was blocked by Zeyada, after which Zeyada turned to chase Stoica, running into a big left hook from Stoica.  Zeyada was knocked out cold and knocked clean off his feet.

The knock-out was spectacular to say the least.  But as mentioned previously, Zeyada hadn’t fought in nearly two years and holds a record of 2-8 in his last 10 fights.  It’s time SuperKombat stopped building up Bogdan Stoica’s highlight reel and begin matching him against the best light-heavyweights out there.