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Ciobanu KOAll eyes may have been on Glory 11 Chicago tonight, but SuperKombat delivered some great action on their card in Giurgiu.  In the co-main event of the evening Redouan Cairo knocked out Sebastian Ciobanu with a knee at the end of a three round back and forward battle.

Ciobanu got off to a good start, taking the first round after forcing two standing counts against Cairo.

In the second round, Cairo scored an early knockdown.  By the end of the round, Cairo and Ciobanu were vigorously trading blows, but Cairo had taken the round.

Both fighters come out with urgency in the third round, as Cairo and Ciobanu looked to take the lead.  With 19 seconds left in the fight, Cairo thumped a knee straight into Ciobanu’s temple, buckling Ciobanu and sending him crashing unconscious to the mat.