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Jack Slack casts his eye over the Gokhan Saki vs Rico Verhoeven fight and offers his thoughts on how Verhoeven got the upset win over Saki.

  • Verhoeven countered Saki’s boxing with kicks
  • Verhoeven kept his guard tight, keeping his hands up to his head like “earmuffs”, and used movement to mitigate Saki’s hooks.  However Saki had some success with straight punches.
  • Verhoeven used feints to neutralise Saki’s countering
  • Verhoeven would rush Saki on the ropes, scoring points and allowing him to clinch to avoid counter-attack.
  • Saki didn’t throw more straight punches to slip through Verhoeven’s defence.

Marvellous fight by Rico Verhoeven.

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