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Nathan Carnage Corbett Nathan “Carnage” Corbett looks to dust himself off after his recent loss to Tyrone Spong at Glory 11 Chicago and get back in the ring on the 14th December in his home town of Gold Coast, Australia.

Carnage will defend his WKN heavyweight Muay Thai world title against Dutch/Angolan fighter Henriques Zowa (32-7-2).  Zowa holds notable wins over Danyo Ilunga, Ismael Londt and Errol Zimmerman, however it does not appear that Zowa has fought since 2011.   Furthermore, it doesn’t appear that Zowa has much experience fighting under Muay Thai rules.  The lion’s share of Zowa’s record were kickboxing matches.

Muay Thai is Corbett’s bread and butter.  Indeed Corbett is known for his brutal elbows, which are not allowed under kickboxing rules.  Zowa will be at a disadvantage heading into this fight.  This looks to be, as they say in pro-rasslin speak, a “squash match.”  Still though, watching Corbett do his thing should be entertaining.