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ffc-8Final Fight Championship 8 takes place tomorrow in Zagreb.

The FFC events have been a mixed bag of good, bad and ugly.  This card is no different.  Rico Rodriguez has been well and truly washed out for awhile now and really shouldn’t be a main event.  But I digress.

On the kickboxing side of things, there are some fighters of note competing on this card, not the least of which is Sergei Lascenko.  There was a time not too long ago when Lascenko was on fire, winning the SuperKombat WGP and he looked ready to take on the big names of kickboxing.  Then it all went to shit really and Lascenko is now 1-5, all since the end of 2012.  I’m a Lascenko fan, but we are really on the rocks at the moment.

Results will be posted providing this event goes ahead, unlike FFC 7 which did not.  However FFC 7 will still go ahead, just sometime after FFC 8.  Yeah, I know, but that’s FFC for you.

Main Event:

  • MMA: Zelg Galezic vs. Rico Rodriguez


  • Kickboxing: Mladen Brestrovac vs. Ali Cenik
  • Kickboxing: Tomas Hron vs. Jahfarr Wilnis
  • Kickboxing: Miran Frbjan vs. Stevan Zivkovic
  • Kickboxing: Mladen Kujundzic vs. Sergei Lascenko
  • MMA: Dusan Dzakic vs. Primoz Vrbinic
  • MMA: Ante Delija vs. Dion Staring
  • MMA: Ivica Truscek vs. Vladimir Vukovic
  • MMA: Francisco Barrio vs. Darko Banovic
  • MMA: Luka Jelcic vs. Laszlo Senyei
  • MMA: Matej Truhan vs. Josif Al Said