K-1-Romania-in-AzerbaijanK-1 Global announced that they will be holding shows in Romania and Azerbaijan in 2014.  K-1 Global wants to grow the K-1 brand and the sport of kickboxing in these two countries, while looking to find new talent.  And that’s pretty much all the information they provide in their two paragraph press release.

K-1 Global seem to have been stumbling from one promotional blunder to the next since their inception last year.  To put this all in context, last year K-1 Global were talking about the shows they were going to hold in the USA and show on Spike TV. Here they are a year later talking about expanding into Romania, which is solidly SuperKombat territory, and Azerbaijan which has no professional kickboxing scene to speak of.

If K-1 Global follow through on their plans, then that is great news really for kickboxers and kickboxing fans in Romania and Azerbaijan.  But given the way K-1 Global has handled things so far, I don’t think it’s unfair to look at these plans with scepticism.

Anyhow, full press release below:

BEIJING, Oct. 23, 2013 — Following the success of the K-1 World MAX 2013 Final 16 event, K-1 is very happy to announce an exciting new initiative that will see live events in two countries that had previously been out of reach for K-1. In 2014 K-1 will plan to hold events in the countries of Romania and Azerbaijan, both of which have strong, developing Kickboxing communities chock full of talent.

This initiative will be spearheaded by our new representative in each respective country. Ionut Nasleu will be representing K-1 in Romania while Elnur Mammadov is K-1’s new representative in Azerbaijan. Both are already hard at work within their respective countries scouting talents and organizing events which will be announced in the following weeks. K-1 looks forward to watching the brand and sport of K-1 grow in both countries and welcomes fighters from both countries to show their skills on the world stage in the near future.