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Badr Hari talks about visiting Russia, his loss to Zabit Samedov, philosophy, how Legend has rekindled his passion for kickboxing, mo’ money mo’ problems etc.

Once upon a time, long, long ago back in January last year, we saw peak condition Badr Hari in his retirement fight against Gokhan Saki (it was the second time the two had fought, with Hari winning the first time as well back in 2004).  It took less than a round for Badr Hari to completely and thoroughly thrash Saki in what must surely be one of Hari’s finest nights in the ring.  The fight marked Hari’s retirement from kickboxing (K-1 had gone bust and so too had the big money fights in kickboxing) and the beginning of his boxing career.

Hari’s boxing career never made it off the ground.  He moved to the US for a few months and trained with top boxing coach Naazim Richardson.  However, four months after retiring from kickboxing, Hari came back to fight for the new K-1 Global promotion, got into a whole bunch of legal troubles and has looked average to terrible in the ring.

But Badr Hari looks and sounds focussed in this interview, so who knows, maybe he will show up mentally and physically in good shape.  Maybe we’ll get to see something more like his last fight with Saki, rather than his last fight with Samedov.