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John Wayne Parr was originally scheduled to fight Brazilian fighter Cosmo Alexandre at Powerplay Promotions 22 in Melbourne.  Unfortunately Alexandre did not apply for his visa in time and as a result could not make the fight.  With only 48 hours of notice, New Zealand fighter Brad Riddell (30-3) agreed to step up, in place of Alexandre, and take on the legend JWP.

Brad Riddell had no intention of showing up to collect a cheque.  Riddell took the fight to John Wayne Parr in the first round, rocking Parr repeatedly while Parr rallied back with frantic punches and elbows in the pocket.

The action cooled down after the first round as Parr did enough to put the rounds in the bank.  However, Riddell had his moments and hurt Parr again at the end of round four.  Parr took all five rounds on the judges scorecards, but it’s arguable Riddell should have at least been awarded the first round.

A lot of people are wondering what Riddell could have done against Parr on a full training camp.  Well it looks like Powerplay Promotions are keen to find out as well because they announced after the fight that they would like to set up JWP vs Riddell 2 next year for Parr’s title.