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Ristie KO Petrosyan

Andy “The Machine” Ristie (42-3-1) just pulled off a huge upset in the Glory lightweight tournament at Glory 12 New York today, defeating Giorgio “The Doctor” Petrosyan (76-1-2-1) by knockout in the third round.

Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Andy Ristie 2

The fight was fairly even heading into the third round.  While Ristie had left openings for Petrosyan to counter, Ristie’s timing had kept Petrosyan from landing more often.  Ristie came out hard in the third round, catching Petrosyan with a right hand that sent the champion crashing to the mat.  Petrosyan was unable to gain his feet satisfactorily within the count and the referee called the fight.

This is the first time Giorgio Petrosyan has lost since 2007 and only the second loss of his career.  Since that 2007 loss, Petrosyan had been undefeated in 42 consecutive fights.

Can Ristie pull of a second upset tonight and defeat Robin van Roosmalen in the lightweight tournament final?