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Hari vs Ignashov 3 Legend 2Badr Hari (102-12) faced Alexey Ignashov (84-21) at Legend 2 in Moscow in the weekend.  This was the third time that Hari and Ighnashov had met and unfortunately for us, it was the worst fight of the trilogy.  This was less a fight and more like a three round sparring session.

I am an Alexey Ignashov fan, hell most New Zealand kickboxing fans are too, but I was very much disappointed in his performance on Saturday.  Looking to counter Badr Hari was not a bad plan at all, but Ignashov chose more often than not to cover up and move away when Hari pressed the attack.

Badr Hari for his part appeared to show up physically and mentally fit for a fight.  Indeed, Hari possibly looked to be in his best shape since coming out of retirement last year.  Hari also seemed to do a good job of tempering his aggression in this fight which gave an already reticent Ignashov even less opportunities (and motivation) to throw more counters.  Unfortunately there wasn’t enough engagement in this fight to really say much else about where Badr Hari’s  form is at.  Is he still trying to get it together?  Is he back on track? Those questions will have to wait for another fight, but at the very least Hari has managed to draw a line under his shock defeat to Zabit Samedov.

Full fight below:

For fellow fans of Alexey “The Red Scorpion” Ignashov, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the Ignashov of old.  Watch the clip by StillW1ll below and keep the faith.