Legend 2 Hari vs Ignashov 3: Badr Hari is Back…sort of…


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Hari vs Ignashov 3 Legend 2Badr Hari (102-12) faced Alexey Ignashov (84-21) at Legend 2 in Moscow in the weekend.  This was the third time that Hari and Ighnashov had met and unfortunately for us, it was the worst fight of the trilogy.  This was less a fight and more like a three round sparring session.

I am an Alexey Ignashov fan, hell most New Zealand kickboxing fans are too, but I was very much disappointed in his performance on Saturday.  Looking to counter Badr Hari was not a bad plan at all, but Ignashov chose more often than not to cover up and move away when Hari pressed the attack.

Badr Hari for his part appeared to show up physically and mentally fit for a fight.  Indeed, Hari possibly looked to be in his best shape since coming out of retirement last year.  Hari also seemed to do a good job of tempering his aggression in this fight which gave an already reticent Ignashov even less opportunities (and motivation) to throw more counters.  Unfortunately there wasn’t enough engagement in this fight to really say much else about where Badr Hari’s  form is at.  Is he still trying to get it together?  Is he back on track? Those questions will have to wait for another fight, but at the very least Hari has managed to draw a line under his shock defeat to Zabit Samedov.

Full fight below:

For fellow fans of Alexey “The Red Scorpion” Ignashov, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the Ignashov of old.  Watch the clip by StillW1ll below and keep the faith.


SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Final Elimination Ploiesti: Full Results and Video


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Catalin Morosanu

Catalin Morosanu floors Daniel Lentie with a right hook.

SuperKombat put Romanian kickboxing stars Raul Catinas and Catalin Morosanu on the Ploiesti card in the weekend and neither fighter disappointed as they both scored big KO victories.  Sure, neither fighter was facing stiff competition, but these kinds of squash matches certainly whet the appetite for the upcoming WGP Final.

Full results:

  • Super Fight – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg):  Catalin Morosanu (Romania) won by KO in Round 1 (2:20) against Daniel Lentie (Cameroon)
  • Super Fight – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg):  Raul Catinas (Romania) won by KO in Round 1 (1:40) against Ricardo Van Den Bos (Netherlands)
  • SUPERKOMBAT® Cruiserweight Title Eliminator – Cruiserweight Bout (-92.00kg):
    Igor Bugaenko (Belarus) won by Unanimous Decision against Jorge Loren (Spain)
  • SUPERKOMBAT® Super Cruiserweight Title Eliminator / Spot 2 – Super Cruiserweight Bout (-95.00kg):  Ondrej Hutnik (Czech Republic) won by TKO in Round 2 (2:05) against Massinissa Hamaili (Algeria)
  • Final Elimination / Spot 4 – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg):  D’Angelo Marshall (Suriname) won by KO in Round 2 (0:20) against Pacome Assi (Cote D’Ivoire)
  • Final Elimination / Spot 3 – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg):  Redouan Cairo (Suriname) won by Unanimous Decision against Jegish Yegoian (Armenia)
  • Final Elimination / Spot 2 – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg):  Frank Munoz (Spain) won by Split Decision against Muamer Tufekcic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Final Elimination / Spot 1 – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg):  Giannis Stoforidis (Greece) won by TKO in Round 3 (2:58) against Mathieu Kongolo (Belgium)
  • SUPERKOMBAT® New Heroes Middleweight Title Eliminator – Middleweight Bout (-71.00kg):  Amansio Paraschiv (Romania) won by TKO in Round 2 (0:00) against Mohamed Ben Ali (Morocco)


Sweet Fight Alert: Andy Souwer vs Steve Moxon, Shootboxing Ground Zero 16th November


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Moxon KO Glory 11According to Steve Moxon, he will be fighting Andy Souwer at Shootboxing Ground Zero in Tokyo on the 16th November.

Moxon is not only facing a kickboxing legend, but doing so under the strange but awesome rules of Shootboxing.  As Andy Souwer fans know Shootboxing is Souwer’s bread and butter.

Can Moxon pull of the win of his young career or will Souwer give Moxon a lesson in Shootboxing?

LEGEND 2 Results: Pavel Zhuravlev Wins LHW Tournament, Badr Hari Defeats Alexey Ignashov.


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Legend 2 ZhuravlevKickboxing results below.  If you want the MMA results, go visit an MMA site lol:

  • Light-heavyweight Tournament Reserve Bout:  Agron Preteni defeated Andrei Stoica by decision
  • Light-heavyweight Tournament Semi-final:  Zabit Samedov defeated Melvin Manhoef by unanimous decision
  • Light-heavyweight Tournament Semi-final:  Pavel Zhuravlev defeated Sahak ‘Hak’ Parparyan by KO in round 1.
  • Light-heavyweight Tournament Final:  Pavel Zhuravlev defeated Agron Preteni by TKO in round 2.
    *Zabit Samedov could not compete due to injury.  Reserve bout winner Agron Preteni replaced Samedov in the final.
  • Chingiz Allazov defeated Warren Stevelmans by decision.
  • Eduard Vartanyan defeated Florent Betorangal by decision.
  • Badr Hari defeated Alexey Ignashov by decision.

Footage will be posted as soon as possible.

POWERPLAY PROMOTIONS 22: John Wayne Parr Defeats Brad Riddell


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John Wayne Parr was originally scheduled to fight Brazilian fighter Cosmo Alexandre at Powerplay Promotions 22 in Melbourne.  Unfortunately Alexandre did not apply for his visa in time and as a result could not make the fight.  With only 48 hours of notice, New Zealand fighter Brad Riddell (30-3) agreed to step up, in place of Alexandre, and take on the legend JWP.

Brad Riddell had no intention of showing up to collect a cheque.  Riddell took the fight to John Wayne Parr in the first round, rocking Parr repeatedly while Parr rallied back with frantic punches and elbows in the pocket.

The action cooled down after the first round as Parr did enough to put the rounds in the bank.  However, Riddell had his moments and hurt Parr again at the end of round four.  Parr took all five rounds on the judges scorecards, but it’s arguable Riddell should have at least been awarded the first round.

A lot of people are wondering what Riddell could have done against Parr on a full training camp.  Well it looks like Powerplay Promotions are keen to find out as well because they announced after the fight that they would like to set up JWP vs Riddell 2 next year for Parr’s title.



Cristiano Ronaldo Supporting Badr Hari



It’s only a few seconds long but still, it is one of the most famous soccer players in the world giving public support for Badr Hari ahead of his fight with Alexey Ignashov at Legend 2.

Badr Hari has looked average since returning to kickboxing last year, after a short retirement.  A good performance from Hari at Legend 2 would a great reward for Hari’s fans and it would be nice for kickboxing in general to be able to talk about Hari doing something positive for a change.